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Hard life for domestic workers

Two women called Jackie Cock and Nobengazi Kota wrote a book about domestic workers and madarns. The book is called Maids and Madams. In...


Road deaths and injuries

HERE IS A STORY … Here is a story about Mrs Nomsa Radebe. Her husband died in a motor car accident and she claimed Third Party insurance....


Dorha and the Dutch

This story is about a Khoikhoi chief called Dorha who lived a long time ago. KHOIKHOI. NOT HOTTENTOT Have you heard about the Khoikhoi...


Mother’s milk is best food for baby


I am not a thief

Mrs Winnie Hulane is a domestic worker in Durban, Natal. She has eight children. Two of her children are married but six of them are not...


Learners write about themselves

His parents gave lobola to my parents I am a married woman. I was born in Jabavu emasenkeng. I am 25 years old. My husband is 35 years...

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