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Road deaths and injuries


Here is a story about Mrs Nomsa Radebe. Her husband died in a motor car accident and she claimed Third Party insurance.


Read this story. You will see that Mrs Radebe got money from Third Party Insurance when her husband died. If one of your relatives dies in a motor car accident, you will know what to do.

One day Zwelakhe Radebe was walking in the street. A motor car suddenly knocked him down, and killed him. The police told his wife about the accident. Mrs Radebe was very sad. And she was worried. She had no money to pay rent, and no money to buy food for her children.

Mrs Radebe asked her friend Mrs Tjeba to help her. Mrs Tjeba told Mrs Radebe to go and see a lawyer. Mrs Tjeba told her the name and address of a good lawyer.


Mrs Radebe went to see the lawyer. She told the lawyer that her husband died in a motor car accident. She told the lawyer that she had no money.

This is what the lawver told Mrs Radebe: “If somebody is killed by a motor car, the person’s family can get money from Third Party Insurance. All motor cars have Third Party Insurance. All drivers must get Third Party Insurance for their cars. Third Party Insurance pays if they hurt or kill somebody.


The lawyer said to Mrs Radebe: “Perhaps the Third Party Insurance will pay you some money. I will try to get money for you”.

If someone is killed, then the person’s family can claim money’.

Mrs Radebe said: “1 do not have any money to pay you, Mr Lawyer.” The lawyer said:”You don’t have to pay me. The insurance company will pay me”. Mrs Radebe told the lawyer her name and address and answered all his questions.

Mrs Radebe said: ” I do not know the number of the car that knocked my husband down. It was a hit-and-run accident.”

The lawyer said: “That does not matter. “There is a special fund that pays people when there is a hit-and-run accident. I can get money from that fund for you.”


Then Mrs Radebe went home. She had no money for many months. Her aunt gave her money to buy food and pay the rent.


After many months the lawyer got money from the insurance company. He gave the money to Mrs Radebe. He said to her: “Take the money to a building society. A building society is a place like a bank. Here’s the name and address of a building society.


Mrs Radebe put the money into the building society. Every month Mrs Radebe takes some money out of the building society. Now she has enough money to pay for rent and food. She can also pay for her children’s education.



Remember that all cars must have Third Party Insurance. If the driver has an accident and hurts or kills someone, the insurance company will pay some money. The person who is hurt can get money from the insurance company.


The lawyer will give you advice and do all the work. He will get money from the insurance company. But you must wait a long time for the money. You can wait from 4 months to 2 years for the money. You won’t have to pay the lawyer. The insuranee company will pay the lawyer.


If you have a road accident, this IS what must do:

  1. Write the number plate and Third Party Insurance (M.V.A.) number of the other car or motor bike.

  2. If someone is killed, the family of that person can get money from the insurance company.

  3. If someone is hurt, take them to a hospital or doctor quickly.

  4. Report the accident to the pol ice within 24 hours. You must give the police your driver’s licence and Third Party Insurance (M.V.A.) number.

  5. See a good lawyer soon. The lawyer will help you to get money


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