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Learners write about themselves

His parents gave lobola to my parents

I am a married woman. I was born in Jabavu emasenkeng. I am 25 years old. My husband is 35 years old. He works as a driver. He was born in Swaziland, but his parents came to Johannesburg. He went to school in Johannesburg.

I was in love with him. He told me that he sent his parents to my home. His parents gave lobola to my parents.

Now I have a son. His name is Themba Tshabalala.

Ntombi Ngubeni.

No money, no food, no education

At school I didn’t have money to pay for school fees and clothes. I had no reading books. I was short of many things.

At home there was no food and I was hungry. One day my mother told me to borrow some money from her brother. Her brother said he did not have money to lend me.

So I thought I better look for work in Johannesburg. My mother cried because she wanted me to get education.

But I can’t get good education because I have no father. Now I learn when I finish work. But it is too late for me. That is all.

Nomasonto Ndlazi

My mother likes my boyfriend

I am a Zulu woman. I was born in Natal. I am 25 years old. I never went to school. I helped my mother at home.

My father worked in Durban. Now he is old, and he doesn’t work. Now I am a grown up woman. I am working. I have a boyfriend. He is a Sotho man. My mother likes him.

Nomvula Gama.

I am glad I am working

I was born in Krugersdorp. We moved to Bophuthatswana after my father died. I went to school at Borokalalo village until 1960.

I came to Johannesburg in 1960. I looked for work. Then I met an Afrikaans woman. She asked me to work for her, to do washing, cooking and cleaning the house. I was very happy to get such work. I am still working for her after 14 years. Today I am a woman with three kids, Theresa, Benedict and Veronica.

My kids are all at school. They are doing very well at school. I work very hard for them and they stay with my mother at home.

Lerato Selope.

I saw a woman in white

In 1974 I was very sick. I went to the Mafikeng hospital. I had a pain in my heart! I was only 18 years old.

I thought I was going to die. I thought about my parents and my family. I thought I was going to leave them. So I thought about many things.

1 prayed day and night. I asked the Lord to help me to get up from the hot blankets.

One night I was fast asleep. I dreamed I saw the young sister of my mother. She was sitting on green grass. She was dressed in white. She looked at me with one eye.

She said to me: “Look behind you. Mother calls you.” I got up from my sleep. I told the sisters they must call the doctor. I told the doctor I was better. So I left the hospital.

From that time until today I have no pain in mv body. I feel fresh like a fish when it is swimming in the water.

Sponono Senne.

Rich and poor life in the country

Life in the country is good if you are rich. Then you have got land and cattle. You do not buy anything. To get milk you go to the kraal and milk the cow. You go to the mealiefield for spinach, beans and other things.

But if you are poor life in the country is bad. You are nowhere because you must buy everything. You haven’t got land or cattle. You haven’t got money. When the roof of your house leaks you have to stay in there.

No one helps you because you have no money, nothing to eat, no cows. It is always better when you are dead.

Nkele Tau.

We live in little huts

At home we have three round little huts. The roof is made with grass. We are very poor people with no animals to help us.

That is why I did not go to school.


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