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Letters from our readers 1982 No 5

Dear Learn and Teach I like reading Learn and Teach very much. When I finish reading my Learn and Teach, I always give the magazine to somebody else. Can you please help me? I want to learn about African history. What books can I get? B. Samuel Pietermaritzburg

Learn and Teach sells books on African history. We will send you a catalogue. Another organisation also sells good books on African history. The organisation is called SACHED. Write to them. Their address is: SACHED P.O. Box 11354; Johannesburg; 2000

Dear Learn and Teach I really enjoyed reading the last magazine. But I found some mistake. In the counting game, my answers were different to your answers. And in the Henry Nxumalo’s story, the dates were all mixed up. But don’t worry, keep up the good work. Lot of luck for the future. Billy of Bosmont

We are sorry. We did make some mistakes in the last magazine. We hope this won’t happen in the future. Thanks for the letter – editor

Dear Learn and Teach I liked your story on “Factory Workers Rights”. This story IS important because many workers don’t know their rights. For example: some factory workers in the Ciskei only earn R12 a week. I wonder how much they earn per hour? Vumile Ncapayi. Grahamstown

Dear Learn and Teach I am not a member of a trade union. I am an ordinary factory worker in Johannesburg. How can I join a trade union? Moses Magazi Johannesburg

Go to see the Municipal and General Workers Union. Their address IS 2nd Floor Ambridge House Cnr Sauer and Kerk Strs, Johannesburg – editor

Dear Learn and Teach I am a security officer. Can you please tell me what organisations help workers like me. Frans Selolo Sandton

Go to see an organisation called the Council of Unions of South Africa (CUSA). They are helping security workers. The address is: Khotso House 42 De Villiers Street Johannesburg – editor

Dear Learn and Teach Thank you for your good magazine. I like your magazine because the stories are “straight to the point”. I really enjoyed the story about the great journalist, Henry Nxumalo. I wish you the best of luck for the future. Esmond Mokone Mamelodi East.

Dear Learn and Teach I like your magazine because you call a spade a spade – and not a garden fork. This type of magazine can bring peace to the world. One day I will write you a story. A.T. Motaung Motswedi

Thanks for you letter. We hope you will write us a story one day – editor.

Dear Learn and Teach Thank you for the story on skin lightening creams. I hope the Health Department makes a good study of the creams. I don’t understand why people use skin lightening creams. I am black and proud to be black. Away with the horrible stuff! We must show that we are made with the dark dust of Africa”. Mvula Dumile kaNgcana. Heilbron

Dear Learn and Teach I have just bought a copy of Learn and Teach. I loved your stories about the past and the present. I live in Davey ton near Benoni. Can you please tell me where to find the nearest Learn and Teach class. Elisa Rampete Davey ton

A Learn and Teach organiser will come and see you soon. If other readers are also interested in learning groups, write to us. We will try to help you – editor.

Dear Learn and Teach I read the letter from learners at Martindale AduIt Night School – how they get attacked on the way to the school. White people who read this letter must feel ashamed. This letter shows that white people have a lot to learn. L.J. Barr Johannesburg


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