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Working women

“WORKING WOMEN” is a new book about women in South Africa. The women in the book tell us what they think about different things.

Read what they say about:


“The thing that made me leave the factory was this. That dress (I was sewing) was R59, and I was earning a lower wage than that dress.”


“Say you are looking for a job. When you reach a factory you find the induna there and you ask him. The induna will tell you that you must sleep with him before you get that job. And you’ve got no choice. You want to work and your children are starving in Soweto.”


“Any cupboard she used to lock. Sometimes she forgot the keys and left them in the lock when she went to work. Then she’d phone home and say, ‘Oh Stephanie, please call one of my children and tell them to hide the keys away.’ I’d just look and I’d say ‘hayi’.”


“He doesn’t help at home. No! You know they say that a husband is a big man. He can’t do anything at home – the woman must work. We both work at night. But when he’s at home he must have a rest, and I must cook for him.”


“Six years ago I had a baby. I have only one, and she stays with my mother in the Transkei. My child does not remember that I am her mother. She knows me, but now my mother is her mother.”


“I don’t want my daughters to get married. Marriage, I don’t care for it. I’d like them to stay with me. They can have children and support them They will have a better life. In Soweto, marriage is no more.”


“I became a prostitute because I was struggling. Most of the time I had to borrow money. People would say, ” Oh, here she comes again …..” I begged for food for the children. This prostitution frightens me nowadays. From 1964 – this is my twentieth year. It’s a long time. My children are grown up. I’m a granny now.”

If you want to get “WORKING WOMEN”, write to Ravan Press. You must ask them how much it is. Write to: RAVAN PRESS P.O. Box 31134 BRAAMFONTEIN 2017


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