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“Tomorrow” – a new record from Hugh Masekela

“Bring back Nelson Mandela. Bring him back home Soweto I want to see him walking down The streets of South Africa. “Bring back Nelson Mandela Bring him back home Soweto I want to see him walking hand in hand with Winnie Mandela.”

With this song our own king of song and trumpet, Hugh Masekela, opens his new album. The album is called “Tomorrow” and it will make music lovers open their ears. Some say it is Bra Masekela’s best album yet.

The first song, ‘Bring him (Nelson Mandela) back’, is a song with a deep African beat. Masekela’s golden voice cries for the release of Nelson Mandela, the ANC leader who is serving a life sentence at Pollsmoor Prison. He sings of the pain and sorrow of Winnie Mandela and how he wishes to see Mandela walking hand in hand with his wife in Soweto. “Buya Mandela isizwe sikulindile, Buya Mandela uWinnie usekhathele,” sings Masekela. You will not know whether to cry or jive for this one.


He follows with a soulful song called ‘Mayibuye’ which opens with Bra Hugh blowing his trumpet like a bird. “Mayibuye i Africa,” he sings, calling for the return of South Africa back to its people. This song will have everyone singing along with it. It is a freedom song that will be sung everywhere — from Soweto to Gugulethu. The song closes with the sweet, soft sound of Masekela’s trumpet.

“Ke bale” is a Mbaqanga track which Bra Hugh plays in his own special way, with his trumpet adding magic to its tune. This one will take you right back to the days of Kofifi or Sophiatown where he grew up. It is South African from the first note to the last. Wear your dancing shoes for this one!.

In ‘London Fog’ Masekela sings about how he wishes to leave England and come to sunny South Africa to see his parents and his people. He sings of how he wishes that his friends would write him a letter and tell him about the health of his family and loved ones.


The second side begins with a freedom song “Everybody is standing up”. In this one Masekela warns the South African government that the day will come when they will have to “step aside and make way for freedom.”

He sings: “Look out Botha, everybody is standing up and fighting for freedom. Oh yea, I want to be there when the people celebrate freedom.” We wish you live to see that day, homeboy.

Masekela follows with another freedom song called “Bird on the wing.” It starts with a trumpet solo by Hugh which goes right into the heart of the listener. The solo is followed by beautiful voices calling on the government to take out the soldiers and police from Soweto and other townships. “Khiphan’ amaphoyisa laph’ eSoweto Khiphan ‘amasotsha,” sings Masekela. This song will leave listeners crying for more.


Next comes “Something for nothing.” In this song the sweet sound of the trumpet will lift your spirits towards the sky. You will again find yourself on the dance floor doing your thing. He sings about how his people want money and freedom. “Sifun’imali Sifun’ inkululeko,” sings Masekela, in

a happy mood.

The closing song “Serengeti” is a happy song. He sings about the the mountain of Kilimanjaro and the beauty of Africa. It is a beautiful ending to a beautiful album. Bra Hugh, we are proud of you.

Long live the son of Kofifi!


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