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SWAPO’s National Anthem

‘ALERT NAMIBIA” (sung to the melody of “Nkosi Sikelel’i Africa”)

1. Alert Namibia to win freedom, In unity and solidarity You will be born a new Namibia Free from oppression Free from exploitation

2. Sons and daughters of Namibia For too long a time we were oppressed Solid we must stand in unity Fighting for freedom Freedom and justice

Chorus: We shall liberate — Namibia We shall liberate — Namibia Our country Namibia our motherland Namibia we love thee!

3. Honour to the heroes of Namibia Glory to their blood and bravery We give our love and loyalty For their blood sustains us To fight till victory

4. You will be free forever our nation Glory is to you our Namibia Alert Namibia march to freedom With your sons and daughters With your sons and daughters

Chorus: Namibia, our country Namibia, our country Namibia, Namibia our motherland Namibia, we love thee!


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