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Letters from our readers 1985 No 6

Dear Learn and Teach Please help me. I am in my last year at school. But because of the trouble in the townships, there are no exams this year. I want to know if I can teach at a higher primary school without a matric certificate? Jabulani Dlamini

Dear Jabulani Thank you for your letter. You can get a teaching job without a matric at a primary school. We do not know if a higher primary school will take you. But a lower primary school will definately take you. Speak to the principal of a school near you. Good luck. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I like Learn and Teach magazine. I am 22 years old. I left school in 1982, after I finished standard seven. I left because my parents did not have money for school fees. I want to learn some more. Can you tell me how I can get money for school. Petrus Makopole Witbank

Dear Petrus Thank you for your letter. Write to one of the following people. They will help you. They will tell you how to get money and where to learn. African Bursary; South African Council of Churches P.O. Box 31190 Braamfontein; or Education Information Centre, 601 Dunwell House; 35 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein. – editor

Dear Learn and Teach I have been very angry for the last two months. I ordered a pair of shoes and one shirt from Sonny Boy’s U.S.A. Mail Order Catalogue in May. I sent R42 cash and I waited for my things for a month. When my parcel came, the shoes were not the shoes that I asked for. And there was no shirt. They said that they did not have the shoes I wanted, so they sent others. They also said that they were sending me the rest of my money. But the money has still not arrived. Please tell me what I can do. Mr Gundula

Dear Mr Gundula Thank you for your letter. We are sorry to hear about your problem. You must be very careful with mail order. Many mail order firms are crooks. But if you buy something by mail order, and the shop sends you different things, you must send them right back. The shop must give you the right things or they must give you your money back. I spoke to Sonny Boy U.S.A. They say that they will send your money back to you. Please write and tell us if you do not get it back. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I want to thank you for your magazine. Learn and Teach has opened many people’s eyes. It tells us what we do not know. But there is one thing that worried me. Learn and Teach never tells us about Natal. Where are stories about the struggle in Pietermaritzburg, Newcastle, Durban, or Zululand? People will think that people are only fighting in the Transvaal, the Eastern and Western Cape. We beg you to write about Natal so that people can know what is happening here. We are fighting hard here in Natal. We believe that one day we will win our own United States of Africa. Lucky Nzuza Ntokozweni

Dear Lucky Thank you very much for your letter and your kind words about the magazine. We are happy that you like it. It is true that we do not write about Natal. It is our mistake. But we hope to come to Natal in the new year. If you have any ideas for stories, please write and tell us. Maybe we can meet you when we come. You can show us around Natal. We look forward to our visit. -editor


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