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Letters from our readers 1984 No 4

Dear Learn and Teach I work in a general dealers shop. I get paid R50 a week. When I get paid my boss does not give me a payslip. Now this is no good. I don’t even know if I am paying U I F money. I don’t trust my employer. Can you tell me what to do? D.L. PINETOWN

Many bosses do things like this,D.L. They are not allowed to do so. The law says that all bosses must give workers a payslip with their pay. And they must write all the money they take off a worker’s pay on the payslip. The law says bosses must take off money for UIF from all workers’ pay. So your boss is breaking the law many times. We think you should go to the following office: They will tell you what to do. Legal Resources Centre Ecumenical Centre 20 St. Andrew Street DURBAN.

Dear Learn and Teach I am a domestic worker. I do washing, cooking and cleaning. I have worked for the same people since 1961 – and I only get R90 a month. I asked them for a better salary but they did not agree. Can you please help me solve my problem? Mrs Anny M. DUDLIZA

Thank you for your letter but I’m afraid we can’t help you. The government has made no law about wages for domestic workers. The government hasn’t done much at all to help domestic workers. We can only give you the address of SADWA — The South African Domestic Workers Association. Domestic workers in SADWA are fighting together for a better deal. I’m sure they will be glad to hear from you. Their address is: SADWA Room 10 Chester House 132 Jeppe Street JOHANNESBURG 2001

Dear learn and Teach Please can you help me. What union can join? I work at Checkers as a shelf packer. will be very happy if you can help. HJ LOUIS TRICHARDT

Thanks for your letter. I know many other workers from Checkers belong to CCAWUSA· the Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union. Their address is: CCAWUSA P.O. Box 3371 PIETERSBURG 0700

Dear Learn and Teach I am one of your readers. I want to greet all the Learn and Teach staff and to say: “Long live Learn and Teach!” Learn and Teach is my favourite magazine. This magazine is Africa’s magazine. God bless the staff of Africa’s magazine! A. Khetheng ARANDIS, NAMIBIA

Thank you for your kind letter. You have just got yourself a whole lot of loving new friends down here in Johannesburg. – -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I am a standard 10 pupil at a school here in Sovenga. I want to study at the University of the North next year. Can you please help me with money? If you can’t, can you please tell me where to get a bursary? Michael Betha SOVENGA

I’m afraid we can’t help you with money. For a full list of bursaries, write to the EIC ­ the Education Information Centre. Their address is: EIC, 601 Dunwell House, 35 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein, 2001. We wish you the best of luck with your studies. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I thought Joel Ndwandwe’s message in the last magazine was very good. Let me tell you what I think about people who call you “Putco dogs”. I think they are talking about most of your fellow drivers who behave badly to passengers. Mark my words, most drivers do behave badly. But I do say there are a few good ones – like you, who love their fellow countrymen. And I also know that even some passengers are rude, insulting and bad tempered. Secondly, keep on with the good work in your union. In all, Mr Ndwandwe, you have said a mouthful and I hope I’m not the only one who heard your message. I think we people who think you are correct must tell other passengers about all the problems you have with your work. And we passengers must stop this “Ngisabheka itikiti mkhwenyana” and “Lovey” business. All this nonsense wastes our time – and makes you late with your work. I didn’t know that some drivers lose their jobs because of our bad behaviour. That is very bad. Don’t we all suffer enough already? Thank you for a really interesting letter Mr Ndwandwe! Nyova ka Ngombane BLOEMFONTEIN

Thanks for your letter. What do other readers think of Putco drivers? Write us a letter if you feel like it. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach We help people to read and write with your magazines. We also give advice to people who wish to further their studies through correspondence. The problem is that people don’t know where to find us. People can find us at: St. Thomas Anglican Church Cnr 3rd Avenue and 8 street LINDEN Johannesburg We help people on Thursdays only. L.P.P. Kekana JOHANNESBURG

Dear Learn and Teach I first saw your magazine on a train. The person sitting next to me was reading it. I looked through the magazine and found it very interesting. I have a problem. I’m in standard eight and I don’t understand English very well. All my classmates know English better than I do. I am worried about this. I don’t understand some words. For example, what is the meaning of “tarry a little”. Please tell me what books I can buy to improve my English. Meshack M. ZEERUST

Thanks for your letter Meshack. English is a problem for many people – so don’t feel too lonely. We can only give you some ideas. Try to get a dictionary. Read as much English as you can. And “jol” a bit with friends who speak good English. You ask the meaning of “tarry a little”. This is very old English. It means “wait a bit”. We know students have to learn this kind of English at school. It does seem a bit crazy! Wouldn’t you just love to see those guys from DET breaking their tongues with old Zulu or Tsonga? We do know of two good books you can buy. One is called “Read Welland the other is called “Write Well”. You can get these books from: Peoples College Books, P.O. Box 31134, Braamfontein. Tel: (011) 834-1341/2,3,4. -editor


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