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Letters from our readers 1984 No 3

Dear Learn and Teach It’s a great pleasure for me to write to you. I am asking for a free catalogue of your books. I want to buy some of your books about human beings and their lives, families, friends, loves, struggles and problems. I am a guy who did not spend a long time at school. So I like to read your magazine to learn about this world. C.S. Jozi. Springfield.

Thanks for your letter. We will send you a catalogue in the post very soon. If any other readers want to see what other books Learn and Teach has, write to us for a free catalo­gue. -editor.

Dear Editor Last month I met a friend of mine. He gave me a copy of Learn and Teach to read. I wan­ted to read about how people live in the countryside. I want to get copies of the magazine and to write letters about life in the country. Thomas Kgotseng. Swartklip.

We would love to get letters from you about life in the countryside. Please send as many letters as you can. If you want to get the magazine every six weeks then please send us a postal order for R4.00. Then we will send you the next 8 magazines in the post. – editor.

Dear Learn and Teach Please print some of my poems for me. If you cannot print them in Learn and Teach, then send them to the nearest magazine that can help me. Vuyisile Goniwe. Cradock.

We are sorry to say that we do not print poems in the magazine. So we have sent your -poerns to Staffrider magazine. We will also send copies to New Classic magazine. These magazines print poems and short stories we wish you good luck as a writer. -editor,

Dear Learn and Teach My name is AIbert. want to tell you about my problem. I have worked in a shop for five years. We start work at eight 0′ clock in the morning. We finish at six 0′ clock in the evening. We work five and a half days a week. I pack goods in the shop and I wash two cars a week. I am very good at my job. But my wages have stayed the same since 1980. I never get a paid holiday, sick leave or overtime. Can you please give me some advice. Albert. Louis Trichardt.

Thanks for your letter Albert. We are sorry to hear of your problems. Your boss is breaking the law many times. The law says you cannot work for more than 46 hours a week. If you work for longer, then you are working overtime. You must get extra money for overtime. Your boss must also give you 12 days sick leave a year. He must also give you two weeks paid holiday a year. If he does not do these things, then he is breaking the law. You can go to a trade union for advice about your problems. The nearest shop workers trade union to you is the Commercial Cate­ring and Allied Workers Union (CCAWUSA) in Pietersburg. Their address is, CCAWUSA P.O. Box 3371 Pietersburg 0700 -editor


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