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Letters from our readers 1983 No 7

Dear Learn and Teach I have been reading your magazine since last year. So I have quite a number of your magazines at home. I want to know why the magazine some­times comes to the CNA late. I don’t want to miss any Learn and Teach magazines. I also want to say I find Sloppy very interesting. I hope Sloppy never comes to an end. Calvin Ngoatje CHUENESPOORT

Thank you for you letter Calvin. We are sorry to hear about your problems buying the magazine. We will look into the matter. Don’t worry about Sloppy coming to an end. We all love Sloppy too much – editor

Dear Learn and Teach Firstly I want to thank you for your beautifuI magazine. I really enjoy reading Learn and Teach. I want you to write more and more stories about ‘skin lightening creams’. I wish black people would stop damaging their skins with these creams. People should know that to be black is not a sin, illness or a shame. But it is a gift like all gifts from God. Student from NAMIBIA

Thanks for your letter. I hope more of our people will see how dangerous and useless these skin lightening creams are. We will write more stories about these terrible creams soon. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I’m one of your readers and I want to give my views on sex education. I think sex education is very important. Our parents did not tell us anything about sex. When we grew up we did not know wrong from right. I think this matter is important. I think people should start groups to talk about it. I wish young and old people would meet and share ideas. Abram Mokoena SEBOKENG

Thanks for your letter Abram. I think you have some good ideas. What do other readers think -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I enjoy reading your magazine. I think it is quite interesting. I have read it since the first copy. I have learnt so many things that are important -like trade union stories and domestic workers rights. Good Luck! Walter Nkgapele MAMELODI EAST

Thank you for your kind wishes Walter. Good luck to you too! -editor


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