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Letters from our readers 1983 No 6

Dear Learn and Teach I am a guy of 26 years of age. I worked at a coal mine in Witbank. I had an accident. Rocks fell on me. The first rock fell on my waist. I struggled to get up. Then a second rock fell on me. This time I lost my senses. I was badly hurt. My waist and kidneys were injured. My bladder burst. My pelvis divided into two. And doctors found blood in my testicles. The doctors decided to take out my testicles. Without them my life is ruined. Now the mine gave me R2 200. That’s peanuts. I want your advice because I want to take further steps about this case. What people can I talk to? And how can I find these people?’ A Learn and Teach Reader. WITBANK.

I was very sad to read about your letter. We have your address but you didn’t give us your name. We hope you get the letter we send to you. If you don’t get the letter, write to the Industrial Aid Society; P.O. Box 261119; Excom, 2023, Tel: (011) 836 . 4422. Or write to the National Union of Mineworkers. P,O. Box 10928; Johannesburg, 2000, Tel: (011) 29 – 4561. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I am a night watchman at a shop in Soweto. I started to work a year ago. My boss won’t register me and he pays me only R35 a month. When I talk to him about these two problems, he says he will think about it. I work in my own clothes and I have no uniform. I pay for my own food and transport. I do have a pass – I’ve aIways had one. If I come late for work he takes R5 off my salary. And I work everyday – even on holidays and Sundays. Can you please help? s.z. SOWETO.

Thank you for your letter. We are sorry to hear about your job. Your boss is breaking the law in many ways. Go and talk to the people at the I ndustrial Aid Society, They will tell you what do. The address is: International House, Room 212, corner Loveday and Kerk streets; Johannesburg, Tel: (011) 836·4422. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I am a leader of a Christian young people’s group in Umzinto. We want to help you people sell Learn and Teach books. How much do we give you and how much do we keep for the club. Rayithi AGAPAO YOUTH CLUB. Thanks for your letter. We want people to sell the magazine for us, If you sell the magazine, you keep 10c and you send us 10c. But you must take at least 50 magazines. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I really enjoy reading your magazine. I read it every night. I like the magazine because it helps to make my English better. But I wonder when Sloppy will do something without getting into trouble. Can Learn and Teach do me a favour. Please give me the address of Peter Tosh in Jamaica. Loekie. S. Scheepers WINDHOEK.

Thank you for your letter Loekie. Sloppy does always get into some kind of trouble – what can we do! But luckily he always gets out of trouble in the end. We don’t have Peter Tosh’s address right now. But we’ll try to get it and if we do we’ll send it to you. Keep your eyes open for the next few magazines. We plan to write a big story on Reggae Music, -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I am a standard 7 student. I have no money to pay my school fees and to buy books. I like school very much and I don’t want to leave school. What can I do? Simon Mashashane SOEKMEKAAR.

Thank you for your letter. I. am very sorry to hear about your problem. You can get a bursary. Write to the Education Information Centre for help. They will give you a list of bursaries. Their address is: Education Information Centre, 601 Dunwell House, 35 Jorissen Street, Braam­fontein; Tel: (011) 39 – 2476. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach Not long ago, I started reading your magazine. But now I don’t miss any. God Bless this handsome work. Mavhunqu M.W. SIBASA.

Dear Learn and Teach I work at a new secondary school in Zimbabwe. We have studies from a library. We wish to have your magazine in our library. We also want to know how often the magazine comes out. And how much is the subscription fee. We all think your magazine is very useful. J.C. ZIMBABWE.

Thank you for your letter. We are happy you find our magazine useful. Learn and Teach comes out 10 times a year. If people in South Africa send us R2.50, they will get the next 10 magazine in the post. People outside South Africa (Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana) must send R3.50. Good luck with your library. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I am a worker in a shop. I read your ‘New Workers Rights’ story. I found this story very interesting because I work very long hours. The other workers also work long hours like me. What can we do? M.P.N. JOHANNESBURG.

Thank you for your letter. I think you must talk to the other workers in the shop. Then go together and talk to your boss. Tell him about the new law. But don’t go by yourself – he may fire you. Good luck. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I have a big problem. My little brother left school early this year without any reason. He is 14 years old. Can you give me the address of a school where he won’t have a chance of dodging classes. I have enough money so I will pay for his schooling. P.C.M. ALEXANDRA

Thanks for your letter. I am very sorry to hear about your problem. I think you must talk nicely to your young brother. Tell him why school is so important. Or maybe talk to the social workers at their offices in Alexandra. Tell them about your problem. I’m sure they can help you. Good luck. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach Thank you for printing the story of Tom Mehlolo Rikhoto and his fight for section 10 rights. The WCAB is taking time giving people stamps here in the Cape. So far, only about 90 people have got their stamps. Sue Joynt ATHLONE ADVICE OFFICE.


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