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Letters from our readers 1983 No 4

Dear Learn and Teach I like the Learn and Teach magazine. I am a 21 year old woman. I left school in 1978. When I left the school, I was in standard four. I left school because my parents died. Now I love to read your stories in English. When I read your magazine, I remember school. Hilda Nomalanga Simelane KENSINGTON

Dear Learn and Teach I am an adult learner in Martindale, Johannesburg. Please forgive me ­but I want to be forward. I found a mistake in your magazine number 2 1983. On page 31 you asked us to make a sentence with these words: Write to Teach. Workers many a Learn letters. I have tried all the ways but I can’t get the sentence right. I think the letter ‘a’ doesn’t belong in the sentence. Susan Mnisi TRIOMF

Thank you for your letter Susan. You are quite right. We did make a mistake. I’ve spoken to the man who makes up the English lesson. I showed him your letter. I’ve decided to give him one more chance -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I have a problem with my skin. I have a black patch on my nose. I think I got the black patch from skin lightening creams. I have tried some medicine but nothing helps. Please give me some advice. Dorah Mudau NZHELELE

Thank you for your letter Dorah. I’m very sorry to hear about your problem. Thousands of women in South Africa suffer because of these dangerous creams. I think you must go see a skin doctor (dermatologist) at your nearest hospital. But in the meantime, throw these rubbish creams away. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I enjoy reading your magazine very much. I’m from a poor family. I don’t have money for school fees. Can you please tell me how to get a bursary. Weppies Sambo BUSHBUCKRIDGE

Dear Weppies, Thank you for your letter. Many readers ask us about bursaries. We will write a story about bursaries very soon. But in the meantime, you can write to an organization for help. The organization is called the Education Information Centre (EIC) The address is: E I C, 6th Floor, Dunwell House; 35 Jorrisen Street, Braamfontein. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach In 1975 I got a job with a lawyer. I left the job after three years. When I left he did not give me my U.I.F. card. He said he did not get one for me. Then I got a job at a shop. The shop told me to go to the Labour Depart­ment. They said I must get my own card. So I went and filled in the forms. I sent the forms to Pretoria. But they never sent me a card. Now I have worked at an insurance company for over two years. I still haven’t got a card. My boss did send the forms but we have heard nothing. What must I do? What happens if I don’t have a card? Moses Pholoha WELKOM

Thanks for your letter Moses. I’m sorry to hear about your problems with your blue card. You must make sure you get this card. If you don’t, you may never get U.I.F. money when you lose your job. The law says your boss must ask for your blue card. All employers must get blue cards for their workers. Workers must make sure their bosses get their blue cards for them. If you have problems, you can go to an organization for help. Go to the: Industrial Aid Centre; 312 Trevor Building, Voortrekker Street, Vereeni­ ging, Tel: (016) 22 – 4743. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach Please tell your readers about the Cape Town Trade Union Library. Five trade unions started the library. The unions want to help the workers learn about trade unions. Books are so expensive today. Workers cannot afford to buy them. That is why the library has got these books about trade unions and workers’ problems. Any worker can join the Readers’ Club and use the library. There is a small fee. But if you are a trade union member, bring your membership card and you –will pay less. The library has opened a reading room in Salt River. The address is 108C Malta House, Malta Road. The library is only five minutes walk from Salt River station. It is open every Satur­day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. R.G. Young SALT RIVER

Dear Learn and Teach I have read Learn and Teach. Now I have a friend to share my problems. I write stories. My first story is about a headmaster and the boy who ‘dodges’ school. I want to see my stories in books. Where can I send my stories? Nelson Awaseb ARANDIS, NAMIBIA

Thank you for your letter Nelson. You can send your stories to Ravan Press, P.O. Box 31134, Braamfontein; 2017. Or you can send your stories to: Skotaville Publishers, P.O. Box 32483; Braamfontein; 2017. We wish you good luck -editor


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