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Letters from our readers 1983 No 2

Dear Learn and Teach I worked at a wool and textile factory for 25 years. One day the foreman told me to kick some workers. I refused and the factory fired me. They did not give me a testimonial letter. And when I tried to get U.I.F. money, the Department of Manpower sent me away. What can I do? Abel Tshwala Standerton

Thanks for the letter Abel. Please write to the Industrial Aid Society. They will try help you. Their address is: Industrial Aid Society, P.O. Box 261119 EXCOM, 2023 -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I found out about your magazine a few months ago. I like the magazine. Can I get a set of all the old magazines? I am also a member of the United Women’s Organization (UWO). Can we sell your magazine? Once again, congratulations for the magazine. A.H. Gagioano Stellenbosch

Thank you for the letter. Yes, we do sell old magazines. We have printed 10 magazines so far. Send us R2.00 and we will send you a set of magazines. Or send us 20 cents for each magazine you want. Yes, we really do want organizations to sell the magazine. If organizations sell the magazine, the organizations get 10 cents for every magazine they sell. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I enjoy your magazine. I buy it every month. I am worried about Sloppy’s lover Lizzie. Lizzie is too old for Sloppy. He must forget about Lizzie. He must take me instead of Lizzie. Please ask Sloppy to send me his real photo and his address. I am a lonely doll. I am looking for a handsome guy with a long nose like Sloppy. I don’t mind when Sloppy is funny. But he must leave that ugogo Lizzie. If he comes to visit me, I will kill all the dogs at home. I know he is scared of dogs. I will make Sloppy satisfied. Joyce Eshowe

We’ve got bad news for you Joyce. Read what happens to Sloppy this month. Hope the news doesn’t break your heart. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach Can you please write stories on Hire Purchase (HP) and how to get a car licence. If you write these stories, you will make me very happy. S. Ngoma Cala Transkei

Thank you for the letter. We will try do these stories soon. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I read Learn and Teach No.4, 1982. I have seen nothing better in simple English. The stories are beautiful, moving and clearly written. All the photographs are excellent. Well done. Dorothea Russell Cape Town

Dear Learn and Teach I passed standard five. Now I want to do standard six. Tell me where I can study? Kiewiet Khoantle Stilfontein.

Thanks for the letter. You can study at a correspondence college. You can find a list of colleges in the Yellow Pages telephone book. If you need money to study, you can try get a bursary. If you need a bursary, write to. The Bursary Officer, SAIRR, P.(). Box 97 JOHANNESBURG, 2000 -editor

Dear Learn and Teach Thank you for the story on Hugh Masekela. The whole family enjoyed reading about this great musician. And thank you for the list of worker organizations! Such a list can only help the workers in this country. L. Maluleka Pretoria

Dear Learn and Teach I like your magazine very much. The magazine helps me a lot. I like the stories. Simon Ntombela Elandsfontein

Dear Learn and Teach I have read Learn and Teach. Now I have found a friend to share my problems. I like the name of the magazine, ‘Learn and Teach’. I write musical plays. I wish to publish them. My first play is called ‘Who is my Brother’. I need advice. Where can I send these plays for publication? Siza Masiza Qumbu

Thanks for the letter Siza. Please write to FUBA. They can give you advice. Their address is: F U B A, P.O. Box 4202 JOHANNESBURG, 2000 -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I am a Learn and Teach reader. I just want to say this: Learn and Teach is a small book with great value. It gives me hope. God bless you children of Africa! Albert Kheteng Arandis

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