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Letters from our readers 1983 No 10

Dear Learn and Teach I want to thank you for your help. I want to tell you how your magazine helped me. Your poster about the New Workers’ Rights law helped me. I was a scooter driver. One day I had an accident on the scooter. In the accident I hurt my hand. I did not work the next day. Then my boss said I must go back to work – even with a sore hand. The next week I got a traffic ticket. The traffic cop said the bike was not roadworthy. I took the ticket to my boss. My boss was angry. He said,” Last week you didn’t work. Now you come with a ticket. You must leave.” I read about the New Workers’ Rights law in Learn and Teach No.5. I wrote to my old boss. I told him I want my notice in writing. I told him the law says that notice does not start until I get it in writing. I told him to pay me until he gave me the notice letter. I also asked for my U.I. F. card. I also went to the Industrial Council with my demands. After two weeks I got a letter from the Industrial Council. They told me to go and fetch two weeks pay from my old boss. I went and got a cheque for R 180.98. Thank you for your help. Sithando GREYVILLE

Thanks for the letter Sithando. We are glad the New Workers’ Rights poster helped you. The new law says that bosses must give workers notice in writing. But workers must remember that sometimes other laws say what bosses must do. These laws are called Industrial Council Agreements or Wage Determinations. These laws sometimes say different things about notice. So workers must check their industrial council agreements or wage deter­minations before they ask for notice in writing. Trade unions or worker advice offices can help workers with this. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach We want you to help us. We have a big problem. We stay with some old people. We pay them lodging fees. But the old woman does not want us to study at night. She says we use a lot of candles. Can you help us with this problem? J.M. and P.M. NIGEL

Sorry to hear about your problem. Maybe you can start a study club. Everyone in the club can study together. You can study at a different home each night. Or the club can speak to the headmaster of your school. He may give you a place to study. Or maybe the club can use a church hall nearby. We hope these ideas will help you. If you still have problems please write again. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I am 17 years old. I am in standard 10. I am very interested in singing and I want to act in a play. Does anybody want to do the same things as me? If you do, please write to me. My address is: P.O. Box 142, ONDANGWA, Namibia, 9000. Kyiiki Nampala

Dear Learn and Teach I like your magazine very much. It doesn’t have any horrible advertisements. Will you please tell me more about journalism. I also want to learn how to use a camera. Dumisani W. Mavimbela DAVEYTON

Thanks for your letter. To find out more about training in journalism you can write to: Education Information Centre (EIC) 6th Floor Dunwell House 35 Jorissen Street Braamfontein 2001

To find out about courses in photography you can write or go to: Interchurch Media Programme 1st Floor Khotso House 42 De Villiers Street P.O. Box 9942 Johannesburg 2001

Dear learn and Teach I have read the Learn and Teach magazine since January 1983. Can you please tell me how to get a bursary? Happy new year to you! Gabriel Selahle STEELPOORT

Thanks for the letter Gabriel. Write to The Education Information Centre (EIC). The address is: E I C 6th Floor Dunwell House, 35 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein, 2001. Good luck and happy new year to you. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I was very interested in the story “A test that saves women from cancer” I hope many women read the story and go for pap smears straight away. Why don’t more doctors tell women about pap smears? Peter Sesedinganase SOWETO

Thanks for your letter Peter. I’m glad you care about the health of women. The government spends a lot of money on family planning clinics. But they don’t spend much money telling women about pap smears. Maybe that’s why many doctors don’t tell women about this important test. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I read the last 14 copies of Learn and Teach. I really love Learn and Teach. I use the English lessons to teach my brother English. My young brother likes the stories on Sloppy and Dumpy. Your articles on Skin Lightening Creams and Workers’ Rights are very important. Please can you write stories about Lesotho. Your magazine helps the people of Lesotho. We love you. J.T. Pepenene RAMA LESOTHO

Thanks for the letter. We want to write stories about Lesotho. How about sending us some ideas -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I read your magazine. It is wonderful. I was bad in English. Now my English is much better since I read your magazine. Even your comic about Sloppy and Dumpy helps me. Please send me all your old magazines from last year Charles Moloi Meadowlands, SOWETO

Thanks for the letter Charles. We love hearing from our readers. Please tell us if you want magazines from 1982 or from 1983. When you write again please send a postal order for R2.50. This money is for 10 old copies of the magazine. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I read Learn and Teach. Now I have a new friend. I buy the magazine every month. Can you do me a favour. Please send me the address of Peter Tosh. Please send me a big picture of Peter Tosh for my room. E. Nepembe Arandis, NAMIBIA

Thanks for your letter. We looked every where but we could not find Peter Tosh’s address. But look at this month’s magazine. It has a story on reggae. We hope you like it. We will send you a picture of Peter Tosh, -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I was excited to read the magazine I have three questions in mind. Please try answer my questions. 1. Who are we? 2. Why are we here? 3. Where are we going?Christiaan Mbekela Tantjie Location GRAHAMSTOWN

Thanks for the letter Christiaan. I’m still scratching my head. If I find the answers, I will let you know. If you find the answers in the meantime, please let me know. Good thinking and happy scratching. -editor


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