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Letters from our readers 1983 No 1

Dear Learn and Teach I have read your magazine since June last year. Now comrade, I want to thank you for what you do in your magazine. Your magazine keeps me happy for a long time. M.W.(Nelspruit.)

Dear Learn and Teach Thank you for the stories on skin lightening creams. I will never use skin lightening creams again. Joyce Maseko,Daveyton. Dear Learn and Teach I like reading Learn and Teach very much. I like reading about music and sport most of all. In my spare time I write poems. Can I send you my poems for the magazine?Buthanah Vilakati (Swaziland).

Thank you for your letter. Many people send us poems for the magazine. But Learn and Teach can’t print poems in the magazine. We are sorry about this. If we print poems, we may lose our easy English. We can give you other magazines that print poems. They are: Staffrider, P.O. Box 31134, Braamfontein, 3017. New Classic c/o FUBA, P.O. Box 4204 Johannesburg.

Dear Learn and Teach Can I order old magazines from last year? Keep up the good work. Learn and Teach is very useful. Please write many stories on workers rights. And try draw more cartoons on workers rights. D. Sipos, (Vanderbijpark).

Dear Learn and Teach We are an organization that helps workers with their rights. Can you please tell your readers about us? We teach workers about the dangers to their health at work. And we advise workers how they can protect them selves from these dangers. We show workers how they can make their work more safe. We believe workers must take away the dangers to their health before these dangers harm them. We work mostly with workers in trade unions. Industrial Health Research Group 16 Duncan House, 40 Terminus Street EAST LONDON

Dear Learn and Teach I read your article on mealie meal. I will now only buy mealie meal with added vitamins. I can’t understand one thing. Iwisa spend so much time and money on soccer. Why don’t they think about our health?

Dear Learn and Teach I am a reader of your magazine. Can you please help me with a problem? I have some friends from the Transkei and Ciskei. When they look for work in East London, the bosses say they must bring white cards from the Administration Boards. The Boards send them back to homelands. How can they get registered in this area? M.V. (Mdantsane)

Go to the Black Sash in East London. Maybe they can help you. The address is: Oxford Shopping Centre, 256 Oxford Road, East London -editor

Dear Learn and Teach Every story in your magazine is interesting. I feel that I am buying the magazine and not being sold the magazine. Can you help me? I don’t understand the 99 year lease-hold system. Can you please explain? M.A. Potsane (Secunda).

Thanks for the letter. We will try write articles on the 99 year lease hold system soon.-editor

Dear Learn and Teach I want to learn how to play the piano. I always want to learn how to sing. Can you please help me? David Radebe (Sebokeng)

Thanks for the letter. Go see an organization called FUBA. The address is. 66 Wolhuter Street, Newtown, Johannesburg.

Dear Learn and Teach I am a guy who stays in Meadowlands; Soweto. I worked in a factory in Roodepoort for three months. I was fired because I was absent for two days. They did not pay me notice or leave pay. Please give me a list of people who can help me. Douglas Lerumo(Meadowlands).

Thanks for the letter, Douglas. Turn to page 27. You will find a list of organizations that will help you.

Dear Learn and Teach I really enjoyed the story on Lady Africa. She is a wonderful, brave lady. She is a good example to all of us. Edward Moagi (Soweto).

Dear Learn and Teach I like reading Learn and Teach very much. When I finish reading my Learn and Teach, I always give the magazine to somebody else. Can you please help me. I want to learn about African history. What books can I get? B. Samuel (Pietermaritzburg).

Learn and Teach sells books on African history. We will send you a free catalogue. Another organization also sells books on African history. The organization is called SACHED. Write to them. Their address is: SACHED, P.O. Box 11354 Johannesburg


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