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Letters from our readers 1982 No 7

Dear Learn and Teach I bought the Learn magazine in a shop in Durban last month. I have not bought the magazine before. I really liked the magazine. I have shown it to all my friends. I liked the stories about the old guys – “King Force”, “Sofasonke” and Helen Joseph. I want to get the magazine every month. Can you send it to me? E.M. Mbonambi Ntokozweni

Yes, we can send the magazine to you every month. Please send us a postal order for R2.50. We will then send you the next 10 issues. (Our address is: Learn and Teach, P.O. Box 11074, Johannesburg, 2000 -editor.

Dear Learn and Teach I liked your story on factory workers rights very much. But many workers cannot understand English. So I sent you your story back in seSotho. Can you print my seSotho story in your magazine? K. Lehoko Katlehong

Thank you for the story. Before we print your story, we must write the story in other languages as well. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach Thank you for the stories on skin lightening creams. I hope newspapers and magazines stop advertising skin lightening creams. Elizabeth Mashego Johannesburg

Dear Learn and Teach I enjoy reading your magazine. Thank you for the stories on skin lightening creams. I don’t understand why people use these creams. We are born black. We must not be ashamed. We must be proud! P.-Jiyane Tembisa

Dear Learn and Teach I have read many Learn and Teach magazines. I have shown the magazine to many of my friends. They asked me to write to Learn and Teach. My friends are factory workers. am studying for a university degree. am very keen to help my friends. Can Learn and Teach help me to help my friends? Xola Nakase. King Williamstown.

Learn and Teach trains teachers to help people learn English. We will give a course soon. We will write to you before we give the next course. We also train teachers to help people in other languages. -ed itor

Dear Learn and Teach Thank you for your magazine. Your magazine helps many people. In your magazine (Volume 4) you wrote about factory worker rights. I work in in a hotel. I work 10 hours a day for six days a week. Can you please tell me about hotel worker rights? P.K. Johannesburg

In our next magazine we will print a list of all the trade unions. We will tell workers where to go for help. So don’t forget to buy our next magazine. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach Last month I did a business course for four weeks. The course cost me R 150.00. I did the course because they promised to find me a job after­wards. When I finished the course, they only gave me a certificate. They did not find me a job. What can I do? S.T. Tsoinyana Sebokeng

You must go to an organization for help. Go to the Hoek Street Law Clinic. The address is. 801 Metro Centre, 266 Bree Street (cnr Hoek Street) Johannesburg. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I have a problem. Can you please help me? I left school because we are short of money. I want to work for a while to get some money. Then I want to go back to school. I found a job in Alberton. But the Pass Office sent me home. They said they didn’t want to see me anymore. What can I do? S.M. Madie Pietersburg

You must go to an organization for help. The nearest organization to Pietersburg is the Black Sash in Pretoria. Their address is: Presbyterian Church, 294 Schoeman Street, Pretoria. They are only open on Tues­ say, Thursday and Saturday mornings. -editor

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