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Letters from our readers 1982 No 3

Dear Learn and Teach I am a teacher in Winterveld. I did not like the story on Winterveld in your last magazine. I am tired of people writing stories about Winterveld. In your story, you only wrote about the bad things in Winterveld. You did not write about the good things in Winterveld. I am tired of people who do things for us. People must rather do things with us. Next time please come and talk to us before you write a story on Winterveld. T .S. Kamanga. Winterveld.

Dear Mr Kamanga We are sorry you did not Iike the story on Winterveld. We tried our best to write a true story. The person who wrote the story spent a long time in Winterveld. The writer spoke to many people in Winterveld. These people did not have anything nice to say about Winterveld. Editor.

Dear Learn and Teach Can I ask you a favour? Can you please write English lessons for people who have passed matric? Winnifred Dlamini. Orlando.

Dear Ms Dlamini Thank you for your letter. Sorry, but we can’t write English lessons for people who have passed matric. Our magazine is for people who did not go far at school. So we try to write interesting things for these people to read. But we hope that people who have passed matric will also buy our Magazine. Editor

Dear Learn and Teach We are a group of domestic workers. We work in Martindale and Triomf in Johannesburg. We go to night school in Martindale at the Catholic Church. But we have problems. Some white people in Martindale and Triomf treat us badly. We all walk to the night school. On the way sometimes white people attack us. They have kicked and punched some of us. Sometimes children throw stones at us. And sometimes white men try to get us into their cars. Some learners have left our school because they are scared. We don’t want to leave the school. We want to stay and learn. We don’t worry anybody. Why do people worry us? Martindale Adult Night School.

Dear Learn and Teach I like your magazine very much. Your magazine helps people who did not spend a long time at school. I liked your story on domestic worker rights. Please write more stories for domestic workers. I also liked your story on “Zulu Boy” Cele. But I don’t agree with you on one thing. You say nobody knows how “Zulu Boy” died. You are wrong. Somebody knows how “Zulu Boy” died. That somebody is Jesus Christ. Thank you very much for your magazine. I will write to you again my friends. J.N. Ditshego. Kwa-Thema.


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