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A comic book with a difference

“Vusi goes back” is a comic book. But it is a comic book with a difference. The comic book tells the history of South Africa.

“Vusi goes back” does not tell the history of rich and famous people. The book tells the history of ordinary people in South Africa. It tells the history of the workers in South Africa.

Vusi is a young man from Soweto. He goes to visit his family in the Transkei. His family is suffering. The children are hungry. And the land is dry and cracked.

Vusi wants to know why the people are suffering. He talks to his grandfather. His grandfather tells him the history of his people. When Vusi hears the history of his people, he learns why they are suffering today.

The book shows how South Africa has changed. In the past people made and grew all the things they needed. They owned the land together. They did not work for wages.

Vusi learns why people now live in townships and hostels. He learns why they must now work for wages. And he learns why people are suffering in the home­lands.

“Vusi goes back” is twenty pages long. The book has hundreds of very good pictures. The book has one problem. The writing is very small. But the book is good for anybody who wants to understand the past and the present.


Learn and Teach readers can get “Vusi goes back” for 60 cents. The book costs R 1.00 in the shops. Send a postal order for 60 cents to:

E.D.A. P.O. Box 62054 Marshalltown 2107

(Don’t forget to say you are a Learn and Teach reader. And don’t forget to give your name and address).


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