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Learners write: 1981 No2

“Is your girls pass in order?” I came to Johannesburg in 1977. I had my home pass. It was in order when I was in Brits, but when I came...


“I am not sorry I went on strike”

Learn and Teach spoke to Theophilus Mbokazi. He comes from Mzimkhulu in the Transkei. He worked for the Johannesburg Municipality. But he...


Breast feeding problems

Breast milk is the best food for your new baby. Breast milk is healthy and clean. Your baby will grow well with breast milk. But breast...


Mrs Albertina Sisulu – free to speak after 17 years

“I feel strange. I can’t believe it” Mrs Albertina Sisulu spoke these words on July 31 1981. BANNED That was the day the Government...


“I am a domestic worker”

My name is Gladys Khumalo. I am a domestic worker in Natal. Here is a picture of me. I work very hard. I must work hard because I need...


Mkhulu Myaka – The Good Shepherd of Ekuvukeni

Every year thousands of black people in South Africa must leave their homes. The South African Government moves these people to other...


Gatsby Mazwi – A municipal trade union leader

Gatsby Mazwi is one of the leaders of Black Municipality Workers Union (BMWU). Gatsby was a bus driver. But he was fired when the...


Depo-Provera: An injection that stops women from getting pregnant

Things that women must know about an injection called Depo-Provera Thousands of women get injections at Family Planning Clinics. They get...


Langalibalele escaped from cannibals

Here is a true story about a man called Langalibalele. The story tells how Langalibalele escaped from some cannibals. Cannibals are...

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