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The dangers of liquor

You can get a sickness called Pellagra from Liquor. Liquor eats up the vitamins in your body – and your body need vitamins to be strong. If you have Pellagra, you will feel itchy. Your skin gets swollen in places and your eyes get sore. You can also go mad from Pellagra.

Liquor can poison your liver. You will then have a sickness called Cirrohsis. Your eyes go yellow. Your stomach gets swollen and you vomit blood. Many people die from Cirrohsis. They die a painful death.

Liquor can damage the nerves in your feet. Then you won’t feel anything. You will not be able to walk properly. The doctor may cut off your feet or toes.

Liquor can give you heart failure. Liquor damages the muscles of your heart. Then your heart can’t pump blood. Your heart will stop. Many people die from heart failure.

Liquor can make lots of small holes inside your stomach. Liquor can also make one big hole in your stomach. Then you vomit blood. You will need an operation to save your life.

Liquor can damage the muscles in your hips. Then you can’t walk or sit properly.

Liquor can make you go mad because it poisons your brain.

Liquor can damage your eye muscles ­ and then your eyes will shake a lot.


  1. Don’t drink liquor on an empty stomach. Eat food before you drink liquor. Or eat when you are drinking liquor.

  2. Drink liquor slowly. Take small sips of your drink.

  3. When you’ve finished your drink, wait a bit. Don’t have another drink immediately.

  4. Don’t have “neat” drinks. A neat drink is liquor by itself. Always mix brandy, whisky, gin and other spirits with something else. Fruit juice or water are the best things to mix with drinks. Doctors say cold­ drinks like Coke, Sprite and Fanta are not good to mix with liquor. You get more drunk when you mix these cold-drinks with liquor.

  5. Don’t drink until you get drunk. Stop drinking when you feel dizzy or a little drunk.

  6. Don’t drink liquor alone. Drink with other people

  7. Don’t be scared to say: “No, thank you”. Some people think they must drink liquor when other people drink liquor. These people are wrong. Don’t drink liquor if you don’t want to

  8. Try not to drink liquor in the daytime.

  9. Don’t drink liquor when you take medicine. Medicine and liquor together are dangerous. You can get very sick

  10. Don’t drink liquor before you drive. Most road accidents happen when people drink

  11. Don’t drink liquor when you feel sad or unhappy. Do something else. Go for a walk. Or talk to somebody.

  12. Take time off from liquor. Try not to drink liquor for a week or a month. Show yourself that you don’t need liquor.

  13. Try not to drink liquor when you feel lonely or sick. Lie down or go outside and get some fresh air.

  14. Don’t always go to places where people drink. Make friends with some people who don’t drink.

Remember: Liquor can’t take away your troubles. Liquor can only make more troubles.


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