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Letters from our readers 1984 No 1

Dear Learn and Teach I am a young reader of the magazine. I really enjoy it. I read the story about skin lightening creams and how the creams damaged the skin of Elizabeth Mohoane. This story made me ask myself a question: why do people want to change the colour of their skin? Timothy Ndzimandze SWAZILAND

I’m glad you enjoy the magazine Timothy. I’m afraid I can’t answer you. I don’t know why people want to change the colour of their skin. What do other people think? ?? -editor

Dear Learn and Teach When you ask me about music, I say Rastafarians are the kings. When you ask me about magazines, I say” Learn and Teach” is great. I’m happy Learn and Teach has no horrible advertisements. I feel bad when I see a naked somebody in a magazine. I believe that any girl is a flower of the nation. Happy new year to you all. Nomhlayifani Sompali CAPE

We are glad you like the magazine, Nomhlayifani. We agree with you – naked women’s bodies don’t belong in magazines. Happy new year to you too -editor

Dear Learn and Teach This is the first time I’m writing to you. I need some help. I’m trying to learn English by myself. But .it is very difficult. I want to learn to read, talk and write English. Please tell me how I can do this? J. H. Haikela WALVIS BAY

It must be very hard to learn English on your own. There is an organization that can help you in Windhoek. It is called C.E.L.P. Write to: Mr Madawa Nouiseb; The Director C.E.L.P.; 8 Mont Blanc Street, P.O. Box 41, Windhoek, 9000. Good luck and please write again. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach Please can you help me. J have some problems I worked as a security guard. My boss took money off our pay for U.J.F. and for the pension fund. But he did not write how much he took off on our pay envelopes. At Christmas time we got a bonus. The boss did not write the bonus on our pay envelopes. On weekends ‘and public holidays we worked overtime. But the boss did not pay us overtime. I asked him why he didn’t pay us overtime. He didn’t listen to me, he just fired me. Now I have no job. What are my rights? Worried SOWETO

Thanks for you letter. We. are sorry to hear about your problem. I think your boss has broken the law – when a boss takes money off your wages, he must write it down on your pay packet. And when you work overtime, you must get overtime pay. But the law says a boss does not have to give you a Christimas Bonus – so he did not break the law there. Try find a lawyer to help you, Or go to the Black Sash in Port Elizabeth. Maybe they can find a lawyer to help you. The address is. Russell Count Mansions, 76 Russell Road, Port Elizabeth. They are only open on Thursdays and Saturday mornings from 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock. Good Luck. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I have a problem. My younger brother is stubborn, stupid and lazy. I don’t know why. Please help me with this problem. P. S. SEBOKENG

I am sorry to hear about your problem. Older people often don’t understand younger people – this is part of growing up. Try to think of all the nice things about your brother. Show him you care about him and try to be his friend. Good luck. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I am working in a mine. I work shifts and I am suffering very much, Can you please tell me where to find the National Union of Mineworkers. I want to join now because everyday people lose their jobs without reason. Goodman F. RANDFONTEIN

Thanks for writing. The address of the union is: Lekton House, 5th Floor, 5 Wanderers Street, Johannesburg, Tel: (011) 294561 -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I really enjoy reading the magazine .. The magazine has really improved my English. I only found out about the magazine a few months ago. I want to buy the magazine every time. Will you please print my letter in the next magazine? Emily Nkabinde DELMAS

Dear Learn and Teach I go to night school where I read the Learn and Teach magazine. I really like the magazine. I want to thank you for telling workers about the dangers of asbestos. I also like Sloppy very much. May you go very far with the magazine? Tebogo Magabane SHILUVANE

Dear Learn and Teach I read Learn and Teach every month. And I see you help people with problems. We are very poor at home. I want to go to boarding school but my parents do not have the money. J.T. Maloka RESIDENSIA

I am very sorry to hear about your problem at home. Maybe you can try to get a bursary. Write to the Education I nformation Centre (EIC). They can send you a list of all the bursaries. The address is. EIC, 6th Floor DunweJl House, 35 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein. Tel: (011) 392476. We hope you sort out your problems. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I am one of your magazine readers. The magazine has helped me a lot. I have learned more about life on earth today. You write only the truth in your book. There’s no one who doesn’t like the magazine. Paulos ShabanguHAZYVIEW

Thanks for your great letter Paulos. We are pleased you know a great magazine when you see one. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach At first I didn’t care about the Learn and Teach magazine. Now I am proud of it because my English is very much better. I wish you good luck. Lilly Sedibe KAGISO

Thanks for your letter Lilly. We hope your English gets better and better. Good Luck. -editor

.Dear Learn and Teach I am a learner at a night school at the Martindale Catholic Church in Johannesburg. Most of the learners are domestic workers. The school closes for a month in December because many domestic workers go home for Christmas. Before the school closes every year, we have a Christmas party. But this year our Christmas party was very different. The party started off very nicely. Each learner gave R3 and so we had plenty to eat and drink. Somebody brought a tape recorder with music – and so we also danced. Then somebody ran in and shouted, “Come quickly, there’s trouble outside.” So we ran outside and saw two white people fighting a black man. One learner, whose name I won’t say, started crying. The man was her boyfriend. Some people stopped the fight. And we spoke to all the men. The two white men said they were policemen from the Newlands police station. They found the man standing outside the church. They wanted to see the man’s pass. They said the man was cheeky – and that he started to fight. The black man said he was just standing out­side the church. He was waiting for his girl­ friend. He said he did not know the men were policemen. They didn’t have uniforms and they didn’t show him their police cards. Then somebody asked the policemen for their cards. And the man was right – the policemen did not have their cards. Then one policeman said he will go and fetch it. The other police­ man who stayed behind was not very nice. He insulted us and I think he was quite drunk. Anyway, the party ended there and then. We all left with heavy hearts. Some people don’t seem to care – even at Christmas time. A learner TRIOMF


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