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Letters from our readers 1983 No 5

Dear Learn and Teach I passed Matric at the end of 1982. My plan is to become a printing machine operator. Please can you tell me the address of the schools or colleges where I can study printing? Tembile Ntaba BUTTERWORTH

Please write to: Education Information Centre (EICI, 601 Dunwell House, 35 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001. – editor

Dear Learn and Teach I am glad to write this letter to you. Please send me your booklet about Accidents and Sickness at Work. Can you send me something to help security guards. I am a security guard at an engineering firm in Benoni. George Zwane SPRINGS

Thanks for you letter. We like to hear from our readers. We have sent the booklet on Accidents and Sickness at Work to you in, the post. Please send us SOc for this booklet. There is a new law for workers. This law gives security guards some rights at work. Before security guards had no legal rights. Look at the poster in this magazine. You will see what your rights are. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach Please do me a favour. I would like you to publish a picture of Peter Tosh. Sammy Matlou TEMBISA

Thanks for your letter. We will write a story about reggae music later this year. Then we will print a picture of Peter Tosh. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach Thank you for your letter and the article in your magazine about mea1ie meal. Our company does add vitamins to our mealie meal. We find people do not like to buy mealie meal with vitamins. But we are trying to find ways of selling mealie meal with vitamins. We know that mealie meal with vitamins is very important. Andy Creswell Tongaat Foods Limited JOHANNESBURG

Thanks for your letter. Only one other company has answered us. The two biggest companies, Premier Milling and Tiger Oats, don’t seem to care. They haven’t answered our letter. Anyway, we are glad you are thinking of ways to sell mealie meal with vitamins. But please think quickly – the health of the people is suffering in the meantime. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I really enjoy reading Learn and Teach. Keep it up! I read your article on mealie meal and pellagra. I saw that Premier Milling makes both ‘Iwisa’ and ‘Impala’ mealie meal. And they do not add the two important vitamins to their mealie meal. I see that Kaizer Chiefs often have ‘Iwisa’ on their jerseys. This means that Premier Milling gives money to Kaizer Chiefs. So Chiefs help this company to sell their ‘Iwisa’ mealie meal. I think we must win Kaizer Chiefs onto our side. Khalil ZEERUST

Thank you for your good idea. I’m sure Chiefs can help us in this struggle. They must care about the health of their fans. We will write them a letter. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I am teaching English to people in Mozambique. I have used one Learn and Teach magazine. I found it very useful. I understand that I can get old issues free of cost. If this is true I would like eight copies of each. If there is a cost please let me know. D.S. MAPUTO

We are glad that our magazine reaches you. We are happy to send you back­ copies of the magazine. But please send us some money. One set of back­ copies cost R2.50. So eight sets will cost R20.00 -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I often read your magazine. I liked your story about the dangers of liquor. I am a man who doesn’t even take a sip. But my young brother aged 18 is a boozer. He never cares about his future. Are there any books to help him with this problem? Joseph VENDA

Thanks for your letter and we are sorry to hear about your brother. We don’t have any books on the dangers of drinking. But you can write to: Alcoholics Anonymous Information Office P.O. Box 7228 JOHANNESBURG 2000, Tel: (011) 37 -7870. They will send you the books you need. -editor

Dear Learn and Teach I got a copy of Learn and Teach from a friend. I liked it very much. I am interested in the book on Unemployment and the Unemploy­ment Insurance Fund. Please send me one. Margaret Vena QUEENSTOWN


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