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A letter to you

We send warm greetings and best wishes to all in these difficult times. We hope you are safe and healthy. We are sorry that the magazine is so late. As you may know, we have not brought out magazine number four this year. We did this because of the laws under the new State of Emergency.

Under the new state of emergency, we can’t do many things — unless the government says we can.

We can’t write and take pictures of the “unrest”. We can’t write about what the army and other’ ‘security forces” are doing in the townships and in other parts of the country. We cannot print pictures of strikes, boycotts and “unrest.”

Whatever you read in this magazine, and all other magazines, will only be part of the story. Whatever you hear on the radio or see on the TV, will only be part of the truth.

We cannot give you the full truth — but we will go on. We must follow the brave examples of others. We must never lose hope.


If you would like to print or save this article as a PDF, press ctrl + p on your keyboard (cmd + p on mac).

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