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Learn and Teach magazine was founded in January 1982. The magazine aimed to help people who wanted to learn to read and write in English.  


Written in plain and simple language, the magazine produced articles on many different subjects ­- from stories of struggle, history and culture, health and legal rights, the fight by women for equality, fun and humour, and much more. 

Learn and Teach published the last magazine at the end of 1994 – the year that saw the birth of a free, democratic South Africa.


We are pleased that the magazine is finally online, for people to read and share. 

A magazine to read and share


The long struggle against apartheid entered a new and final stage in the decade of the 1980s.

It was a time of people’s power, with millions of fellow South Africans coming together in hundreds of organisations, joining hands under the umbrella of the United Democratic Front (UDF), as well as other formations. The liberation movements in exile sent freedom fighters into the country and pushed for the world to unite against the apartheid regime.

These were hard and dangerous times.

The leadership of the movement were either in prison or exile. Comrades were detained without trial and often tortured. Many paid the ultimate price, giving their lives in the struggle for freedom. 

But, even in this darkness, a special energy, a revolutionary spirit and creativity, was born. There was an explosion of art and music, theatre and dance.

Against this background, several magazines and newspapers were founded, supporting the struggle for truth and justice. One of these was Learn and Teach magazine.

Founded in January l982, the magazine was produced for people who wanted to learn to read and write and speak English. Written in plain language, the magazine published articles on many different topics, from stories of struggle, history and culture, the rights of women and gender equality, health and legal matters, and much more.

Also, every month, readers could follow the life and times of Sloppy, and friends, a graphic story about the ups and downs of living in the township, or kasie.

But most of all, the stories in Learn and Teach were about ordinary people, their daily lives and struggles, the hardship and suffering.

But there was a strong positive side too. There were plenty of stories about victories, both big and small, hopeful times and happy and proud moments.

Learn and Teach was published until the dying days of apartheid.

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